Stockholm 20 Jan 2005

Firstly a trip to the Abessine highlands of Ethiopia is planned. In the comparably urban town of Bahr Dar Martina and I will be paying my father a visit. Knowing on forehand he’s the only person living in a two story house, within the city limits, leaves our hopes for adventure to the ancient waterfalls and historical churches close by.

Having spent a couple of days in Bahr Dar we will take on the route through Addis Ababa and down to Nairobi. Shortly upon arrival we will be heading for the panoramic scenes of true African savannah wildlife. Living in ordinary two person tents should bring out the most of wildlife feeling there is. On the other hand, the enchanting roars of close by lions may be more adventure than ever asked for.

Whilst leaving the big five behind us, our road of adventure will take us to Mombasa. Neither Martina nor I can take too many hours in the sun without activity, which is the reason why we are looking forward to a few scuba dives. Although sightings of whale sharks may be rare the chances during February and March are greater than ever.

We will be finishing our trip with a one week stay in Nairobi. Opportunities such as snake farms, feeding giraffes and ostriches, eating crocodiles and zebras, dining at five star sea food restaurants and, of course, playing a five star golf course should be more than enough to make our journey fly by.

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